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I’ve always considered breakfast the best meal of the day. Maybe because I always wake up hungry, maybe because it gives a kick to your day or maybe because there is the “rule” (I should call it “false hope”) that whatever you eat in the morning, will be burnt easily. That doesn’t mean what you eat between 7 am and 11 am doesn’t make you fat at all but anyway, there is the added plus of not feeling too guilty if you eat like a pig first thing in the morning. After all, you can always tell yourself you are going to walk more that day. So I like to live up to the “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a king again”..or was it someway different? Mmh such bad memory I have!

So, as Italian I am used to eat sweet stuff for breakfast, all drawn in a good cappuccino! Eggs were a thing for lunch salad or dinner omelette. When I moved to the UK, I started quickly to appreciate eating more in the morning especially during the weekend, when you wake up later than usual and it is too late for breakfast but not yet time for lunch. The English language has this amazing word “brunch” to describe this “in between meal”, and that became quickly my new favourite word. Sadly we do not have a similar word in the Italian language,as “colapranzo” sounds just…wrong. But also funny at the same time ( colazione= breakkie and pranzo= lunch)

With my immense pleasure, I found out that in Sydney brunch is a big thing and compared to London I think it is way more creative. While in London my weekly goal was to find a place where to eat eggs benedict more delicious than the ones I had the previous Saturday, in Sydney I’m having fun trying new flavour combinations and original, innovative ideas that each cafe’ offers. Spinach, halloumi and vinegar reduction with your eggs maybe? Why not! Delicious, can be found at Billi’s Cafe’.

AND, the coffee in Australia is really great!

So what’s better than starting the day exploring a new cafe’ with its specialities and later on burning everything with a long walk in a new area? That is my new version of perfect morning!

Four differences from London or Italy I have noticed so far when it comes to brunch matters:

  • The coffee often comes in one size! No big, large or similar here (or not alwaysIl ). The cup is actually on the smallish side, it is bit smaller than the usual “cappuccino cup” we have in Italy.
  • The flat white is never too hot! It is always served lukewarm. It normally taste very good but after two days where we ended up ordering two coffees (one before brunch and one after), my solution was to order the coffee midway into my brekkie, so I could still have that satisfying last sip to wash the last bite down without it being too cold…and ruining everything!


  • The toast is not always buttered. Funny for me to notice that as buttering the bread is another habit I’ve never had in Italy (and still don’t when I’m back there), but I am realizing now that If the bread is not buttered (or no butter is served with it) and it is the bruschetta kind of bread, well it is simply not so easy to cut lol. When I ask for “toast” here, most of the time they bring me a slice of sourdough bread, or in general this seems to be the most common bread that comes with your delicious breakfast. It is good and tasty yes, but I find it bit too dry and hard to cut when toasted…resulting in my food jumping all over the place and out of plate! (ok, me being drama queen all over again here).
  • Working hours: I have worked in coffee places, both in Italy and in London (and Berlin as well I should add!) Not even once I could dream of having the week-ends free with this kind of job! From what I am used to, both as employee but also as a customer, café’ are open from early morning to late afternoon, or even evenings many times.They are almost always opened during the week end or, if they are closed on Sunday (rare case anyway in Italy and London), they for sure work full day on Saturday. Well, the famous Australian relaxed attitude is extended, it seems, also to this kind of shops. It is VERY common for café’ to be closed on Sundays AND to work half day on Saturday or, even better, be closed all week end!!! Many coffee places do actually office hours, Mon to Friday! So better check the opening times, the next time you want to enjoy a cuppa during the weekend! I was kind of shocked at the beginning, I have to be honest!

These are the few things that I have noticed here so far but …keep exploring to find more!

Leggi qui  il post in Italiano! 🙂

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