It is easy to get your “8 glasses per day”

Probably related to the issue at number 1), water is also very important Down Under. I am not talking about draught problems or environment issues, this is not the place. I have just noticed that here more than in any other place I have lived, hydration seems to be a big concern.

water refill

Free water refill at Newtown Festival, Sydney

You can find free water refill (bubbler) stations at many beaches (Manly and Tamarama, just to name few), and all around Sydney. And again at the Newtown Festival (I went there on my very first day in Sydney, so all this was very new for me), notes around announced that there was no bottled water sold within the festival. Yes, you read it right: there is a ban on plastic water bottles sales. Needless to say, there were free water refills which even looked quite cool!

Another interesting habit I noticed here, is that not only it is absolutely fine asking for free water at restaurants and cafes’ without being considered a stingy person (try to do that in Italy!),20160625_123730 which is normal also in UK and Germany, but Australia took the issue to a higher level. Most of the times you don’t even have to ask for it, it is brought to the table as soon as you sit, and it is common for waiters to just come and refill your glass.

It gets 20160625_123742better: almost every café has a table, a dedicated section with bottles full of tap water and glasses, at your complete disposal .You can take as much water you want, as often as you please. Self-service free water. And people got creative too! I have seen reusing Absolute Vodka and Jaeger Meister bottles for this purpose. Great idea indeed!

This is valid for clubs as well: it is common to find, in a corner of the bar, free water for you to take. An attempt to promote drinking water between cocktails and limit the damages of alcohol? (it is indeed a great habit that saves you from a huge hangover the following day…just saying).

I think that by displaying large amounts of water to take freely or bringing it to the table without asking, people are actively stimulated and constantly reminded not to skip the “8 glasses per day” rule.

Doing something for your health AND doing it for free… what’s not to like about it?

vodka 2

                                      It looks like Vodka..but it is just free water!!

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