Coffee places are often closed at weekends!

I have already written about my frustration when it comes to cafes’ opening hours, and I am about to reinforce the point: in Australia, expect to find lots of coffee places closed during the weekend.

The same scene happened in Sydney, in Melbourne and now in Ballarat… ‘It’s evening time. I am browsing the net, looking for nice new places to try on Sunday for brunch. I find one with great reviews, enticing food-porn pictures, an interesting menu’… I would start getting excited about it, salivating already, until… there they are: the opening hours, delivering the sad news: CLOSE ON SUNDAYS.


I am sure this doesn’t come as a surprise to more experienced travellers, but for me it was definitely a first. In Italy, it’s extremely rare to find a BAR* that is closed on Sundays. Same in London… “Brunch” is a thing for the weekend, often on Sundays so you normally have tons of choices. If they are closed on Sunday, for sure they are open on Saturday!

Here, it is another story. Many places are closed on Sundays, some in addition work reduced hours on Saturdays (like they close at 14:00), others even do office hours, from Monday to Friday only.

And this happens also to places located in very central areas of Sydney. You would maybe think that they will stay open to satisfy as many tourists as possible, all times of the week. Think again. I have tried, as a test, to check 10 random cafés in Sydney, all located in the very centre of the city (I swear I chose randomly) … well, 6 out of 10 are closed on Sundays. Of these, 2 are closed on Saturday as well! Of the ones open on Sundays, one closes at 12:30!!neon-coffee-1166805-1279x1000

It seems to be a different story for the chains: Starbucks, Coffee Club, Gloria Jeans to name the most famous ones, are open on Sundays even until 10.30 pm. So ok, you won’t be short of coffee, but If you, like me, prefer the cute, original, independent coffee places, each one offering something different to eat and drink, then just remember not to take them being open for granted and check the times in advance!

I asked my Aussie friend Naz once (with whom I shared my first experience of bush walking ) what she thought about this issue, and she simply replied: “Well, we also want to be with our families on Sundays! If most places are closed that day, why shouldn’t coffee places be as well?”. You know what? The argument is flawless.

*a bar is how us Italians actually call the CAFÉ’s, while what in the English language a “bar”, is a place for cocktails and fancy evenings, this for us is actually a “locale”, or “cocktail bar” but this is another story

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