Christmas is celebrated (also) in July

Christmas everywhere is celebrated on December 25th.

In Europe, that evokes cold weather, snow flakes, mulled wine, sparkling lights of markets smelling of hot toasted almonds and gingerbread, hearty and warm food, thick coats and long scarves.

In Australia, as December coincides with the hottest month of the summer, Christmas is celebrated in swimsuits and Santa hats on the beach, the crisp sound of ocean waves crashing in the distance, the drooling aroma of grilled meat from barbecues in the air, munching on picnic finger food, drinking a refreshing beer and being part of those just so-great-pictures. It is pretty awesome.

christmas bondi (5)

          This is how we celebrated Christmas on 25th December, at Bondi Beach, Sydney

But, maybe because they are attracted by what they do not have, and partly also because of their strong English and European heritage, Australians have a fascination for a “white Christmas” and so they created another unofficial celebration of Christmas during the coldest month of their winter, July.

“Christmas In July”, also called “Yulefest” and it emulates the atmosphere of a typical Christmas in the northern hemisphere, with traditional hearty dinners, hot drinks, fireplaces, markets etc. It is celebrated on the 25th of July (or the nearest day if it doesn’t fall on weekends) and obviously hotels/restaurants/ shops have jumped on the trend, by customizing menus, special weekend  packages, theme cards and clothes to change their appearance around that time.

Some might consider it just a commercialized celebration, others a way to bring to life the magical atmosphere of their country of origin, maybe memories of their childhood and others more an unusual event just not to be missed… (that would be us ).

I can’t wait for Christmas!

christmas 2


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