A simple mozzarella is difficult to find!



What does a FEIJOAS               taste like??


 BUDDHAS HAND        anyone??

In Australia, supermarkets are big, well organized and you can easily find a bit of everything, from all over the world, including strange and funny fruit.

So you can imagine my surprise when, after walking up and down the aisles like 5 times, I couldn’t find a simple mozzarella. I LOVE mozzarella. In everything: salad, sandwiches, in the pasta sauce or even just by itself. Just add bit of veggie and there you have a quick, tasty and normally cheap meal. I used to always have a couple in my fridge in London, where I would buy it at ASDA (which is a quite cheap supermarket chain) for less than two dollars each.

For some strange reason which I haven’t still understood, Mozzarella is not easy to find in supermarkets here. You do find grated mozzarella in bags (please…), or the “pear shaped” one which is harder and less watery than the classic one, but it is great for pizza. Or you find lots of different “bocconcini”, which are essentially a bunch of small mozzarellas and cost $ 4.00 (so £ 2.00 more or less).


not quite, but getting there…

What you do not find is the simple fresh mozzarella ball, singularly bagged. The only one I could find was at Woolworth, an Australian supermarket similar to Waitrose, and yet I had to look few times as it was not in the normal cheese aisle but in a “delicatessen” separate section , and it cost $ 4.00 for 120 gr (the same amount and same label at ASDA UK costs $ 2.60). One only. Not big choice really!


      The only one !

There are lots of cheese shops around Australia and I am pretty sure you can find mozzarella there, but the point is that for me this cheese has always been something:

  • Very easy to find (in UK and Germany)
  • Cheap (or at least with many different brand and price range to choose from)
  • A supermarket product
  • Definitely not a costly “gourmet cheese” found only in a specific shop or particular sections of some supermarkets only

So, don’t despair: it is not impossible to find mozzarella in Oz, it simply seems to be a little more of an “upscale” product here, less choice and more expensive. From an everyday product, it has become for me a little “once in a while“ treat.


                                          I miss you, cheap and good Mozzarella !!


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